Thicknesses*, mm
4; 6; 8; 9; 10; 12; 15; 16; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 24; 25; 28; 30
Sizes*, mm
1525х1525; 1525х1830; 1830х1525; 1220x2440; 2440x1220; 1250x2500; 2500x1250; 2100х1830; 2300х1830; 2410х1525; 2850х1830; 2950х1525; 2980х1525; 2980х1850; 3050х1525; cut-to-size
1/2 (В/BB), 2/2 (BB/BB), 2/3 (BB/CP), 2/4 (BB/C), 3/3 (CP/CP), 3/4 (CP/C), 4/4 (C/C)
Surface type
not-sanded (NS), both sides sanded (S2), with protective coating based on resin, HPL
*other sizes and thicknesses are available on request


PlyGuard is a special brand of fire-retardant plywood. It is a low flammable material, preventing spread of fire on the surface, having a medium smoke-generating capacity and securing a moderate emission of hazardous substance into the air when burning. Physical and mechanical properties of this material make it suitable for Exterior and Interior use in many areas.

All layers of veneer used for PlyGuard production are impregnated with flame retardant. Thus, the product complies with the highest level of fire safety and does not require additional treatment when machined or cut-to-size.

For the projects with more flexible requirements we offer fire-retardant plywood having only face veneers impregnated. This solution has good fireproof properties but the technology of production reduces the cost of the final product.



Rail vehicles production
security image
Compliance with Requirements R1 and R10 of EN 45545-2
security image
Fire classification: B-S1, d0 according to EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009
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Formaldehyde emission level complies with the requirements of E1, CARB, EPA TSCA Title VI
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Multi-purpose use – available with various overlays
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Strength and durability
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High load-bearing capacity

technical parameters

Density, kg/m3 ≤ 900  
Moisture content, % 5-10  
Modulus of rupture in bending (from 10 to 25 mm), MPa ≥ 60
Glue-line shear modulus (after keeping in boiling water for 1 hour), MPa ≥ 1,2  


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